Our Company

Silver Creek Contracting is a locally-owned contracting company that places people first. The company’s business is founded on developing and maintaining trusting relationships, employee growth, outstanding customer service by meeting or exceeding every customer’s expectations. We achieve our customer satisfaction by being extremely transparent and delivering results with the best possible value through efficiency of our available resources in a timely and cost effective manner.

The employees at Silver Creek Contracting exemplify honesty and integrity, experience, problem solving, professionalism and are some of the hardest working people in the industry today. We strive to build employee growth with our vetted hiring practice, skill based job placement and a strong commitment to on the job training and evaluation program.

Committed to Safety

Silver Creek Contracting has a mission to promote an accident-free work environment by developing positive safety attitudes throughout every job site. A full time Safety Coordinator administers training and inspection programs that cover all aspects of job performance in the field and our transportation operations.

At Silver Creek Contracting we believe in a safe working environment and promoting safety consciousness among the team is of the utmost importance. We train our employees to always consider safety first. The training is the catalyst that drives our everyday job performance, with safety as our number one priority.

Community Relationships Matter

Silver Creek Contracting has taken the people first approach to its business model. We recognize that the taking the long-term health and success of our company stems from not only forward-thinking business practices, but also from a solid commitment to our community relationships.

Silver Creek Contracting regularly contributes to programs, causes and activities throughout a number of communities in our area that makes a big difference in many lives. We sponsor and support FFA and 4-H projects, High School and College Rodeo’s, youth baseball and softball teams, Veteran’s, Church events, Booster Clubs, and several Chambers to name a few. Silver Creek Contracting believes our future is built on these relationships and we will continue to find ways to foster existing relationships and build new ones.